As a creative agency (SPARK), we were tasked with developing a promotional visual that would showcase the exquisite taste and craftsmanship of new Grand Cavalier Vanilla brandy.
To bring this vision to life, we've also used my 3D skills combined with my beloved 3D software, Blender.
The creation of origami-like flowers made out of old letter papers with a metallic rose gold ink on it, perfectly captures the essence of Grand Cavalier brandy and its taste.

Just like the delicate folds of an origami flower, Grand Cavalier brandy is crafted with precision and care.

The metallic rose gold ink used on the old letter papers represents the rich and luxurious flavor profile of Grand Cavalier brandy.
In addition, the use of old letter papers in the flowers speaks to the brandy's rich history and heritage.
The final result is a stunning 3D promo visual that
captures the essence of Grand Cavalier brandy...
...and I'm also excited to share my technical side of the process!

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